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Note-Taking App UI Project
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Note-Taking App
UI Design Project

A minimal note-taking app is one of my UI design projects at the Career Foundry Course.


The problem is instant note-taking and to provide the necessary filing system to organize these grades.


I created a Note button that will make taking notes more accessible, and also users will notice as soon as they open the application and folder section where they can organize their records according to the colors they want.


Anyone who wants to take notes, creating lists, or organize their notes.

Key Features

It has a note icon, an all notes and folders sections that the user can face them immediately. The search section helps the user find their note by typing or voice commands. With the folder color section, the user can make the app more personalized.


Style Guide


What I learned?

I learned how to create minimal yet beautiful designs by studying Dieter Rams’ principle of good design “less, but better.”