Oldies But Goldies

Music Player App UI Project
  • Wireframing
  • Mood Board
  • Style Guide
  • User Interface Design
  • Mockups
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Music Player App
UI Design Project

For my first project in Career Foundry, I choose to create a music player app. I think everybody in the world can relate to music, and listening to music is very helpful to change your mood for the better.


I realized that there is no app in the market special for Jazz&Blues music. There is a wide range of styles under Jazz roots, but it is hard to find all archives.


The user who likes Jazz&Blues music finds an extensive archive to listen to music. They can quickly discover by using the search option.


This application is for users who like to find an extensive archive in Jazz and Blues music.

Key Features

It has nicely categorized archive by time. A vintage look is for representing the time of the music and easy to use features.


Low-Fid Wireframes
Mid-fid Wireframes

Mood Board

Style Guide


What I learned?

This project is my first student project during the UI course in Career Foundry. I learned the design principles;

  • What is Usability,
  • Nielsen’s 10 Usability Heuristics,
  • Principles of Design,
  • Gestalt Properties,
  • Gestalt Laws of Grouping,
  • Consistency,
  • The MAYA Principle,
  • Grid Design,
  • UI Elements & Hierarchy,
  • Symbols & Iconography.

All helped me to understand what I should focus on creating a project.