Home Decor

E-commerce App & Web UI Project

Home Decor is an e-commerce application and a web site which helps people to find elegant, stylish and unique home decor items.

  • SimpleUncomplicated filtering system - Good amount of item options - Nicely categorized
  • FunctionalResponsive design - Easy to reach and purchase - Lots of payment options
  • CleanClean layout with lots of white space - User friendly content - Elegant color palette
  • AccessibleEasy shopping everywhere - Creating a wish list - Recommendation based on the user’s history
Launch Behance
Color Palette

Soft colors are used to awaken a peaceful atmosphere during shopping. The red-orange hues are chosen to create excitement and stimulate the desire to buy.


Source Serif Pro is the font used for headlines on marketing and product web experiences. It is a serif typeface and a complementary design to the Source Sans family. It is available for most world alphabets.

Nunito is the font used as the secondary typeface for paragraph text and small UI elements.

Snell Roundhand is an impact font for design purpose only.

Image Style

Bright background images are used throughout the project to create a friendly atmosphere. Some dark background images have been selected to highlight items and create contrast.

Illustration Style

Illustration style is friendly, unique and easy to understand.

More Details
High-Fid Wireframes

The optimized features are added to create more efficient and intuitive flows.

Responsive Design

The breakpoints are set at the exact device widths so that it automatically scales its content and elements to match the screen size on which the user device.

User Testing

This design process initiates for evaluating a product, feature, or prototype with real users.